Remy Gieling als spreker op het podium over kunstmatige intelligentie (AI)
7 years+ experience

Host, moderator, and keynote speaker for events and webinars

Remy Gieling is an English speaking host, moderator and keynote speaker with an expertise in business, technology and innovation in The Netherlands.

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Professional host Remy Gieling

Public speaking can be a daunting experience for people who haven’t stood before an anticipating crowd. Many eyes will stare at you as they eagerly wait for your message for the day. I am a moderator, speaker, interviewer, and host at business conferences, events, podcasts, and webinars. I host some of my shows in Dutch, but I am also proficient in English, and I would like to reach out to my English audience and give them a brief overview of my work in the world of business, media and technology.

Chairman of the day and interviewer

As chairman of the day and a keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and digital innovation, I have appeared on stages alongside top speakers such as Jos Burgers, Ben Tiggelaar, Margriet Sistkoorn, Remco Claasen, and many others.

If you are looking for a chairman or interviewer with extensive knowledge in IT and innovation, then you have come to the right person. Due to my extensive work in the world of technology, I can participate in discussions at a technical level about digital transformation in organizations.

Curiosity at heart

People have grown more curious, and they have adapted quickly to digital transformation. In my webinars, I have interacted with listeners who have shared their experiences with advancements in technology, their motivation to integrate their businesses to an online platform, and the important lessons learned.

A suitable chairman of the day needs to connect with the listeners, which I do regularly. I know the perfect ingredients to host a successful event or webinar. To reach out to your audience, you need to understand them, speak with the right tone, content, and pace of your meeting.

Based on my years of experience in journalism, I ask challenging questions, and I know how to get the best out of the audience. There will be loads of interaction with the audience, and I certainly discourage rigidity in my events. My enthusiasm and energy ensure my audience is well informed and ready for a fruitful discussion. Hopefully, they can look back and appreciate having been a part of a valuable session.


I am a co-author of the book “The 100 Business Bites.” My second book, “Discover the growth opportunities of AI,” was nominated as the Management book of the year in 2021.

Years of experience

I have many years of experience as a chairman and presenter on large and small stages. You might have heard me commentate on BNR Nieuwsradio, seen my opinion pieces for national media, and seen me on stage presenting columns for the MKB ondernemerscafe on RTLZ.

I host events, webinars and podcasts for major player in the industry like DenkProducties, Accenture, YoungCapital, HP and many others.

How AI will revolutionize our livelihood

As a keynote speaker I focus on the impact of AI for jobs and organizations. As well as hot topics like web3, the metaverses, NFT’s and others. The growth opportunities of AI are limitless. The possibility of positively impacting jobs and businesses has prompted companies to branch out into AI and grab this opportunity. In my book, I have shown how AI will affect our everyday lives on a larger scale, and that is what technology is all about. AI is poised to make changes on a broader spectrum; I have focused on issues such as: sustainability and the future of work.

Entrepreneur believes that all companies need to become data-driven to stay relevant in the future. Ai,nl has helped connect innovators with companies that have a vision of how they want to operate. My podcasts, articles, and events have served as a space for sharing ideas, and has provided seed money for companies who want to incorporate machine learning. Jobs will be at risk because manual tasks will be automated, and we need to integrate ourselves into the system to get ahead of it. Digital transformation starts with us, and that is what I keep repeating in my webinars.

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If you are in need of a moderator, host or keynote speaker about the impact of technology and innovation. Please reach out for a free consultation. If our schedules, fees or program details don’t match, I am happy to share suitable alternative professionals who are also fluent in the English language.

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